People Counting & Capacity Management

Automate your employee and visitor screening systems for a safer, more efficient and innovative facility. 


Manage employees, visitors, and contractors better

Enhance Health & Safety of the employees & customers

Optimize workflow

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ID Card/ FOB

Voice Recognition

Motion Detection

Contactless Options

Features you need to streamline entry process

Employee Management

Comprehensive platform for employee management.

Contactless Process

Reduce the risk of physical contacts with our contactless solutions.

Digital Documentation

Obtain digital signature and digital consent, provide safety orientation and create digital track records for compliance with local regulations.

Visitor Management

Simple platform for check-in management of visitors, vendors, contractors, and inspectors.

ID Pass

Provide daily screening pass for employees and visitors

Analytics & Reporting

Strategize business operation techniques using data analytics and reports. 

Wellness Questionnaire

Customizable wellness screening questionnaire for protecting occupants' health & safety.

Capacity Management

Modernize space management and traffic flow techniques with live people-counting technology. 

SMS/Email Notification

Automatically send updates and announcements to employees and visitors.

Thermal Scanner

Check the live body temperatures of employees and visitors with our real-time thermal scanner.

PPE Detection

Reduce health risks, and ensure health and safety compliance with PPE detection technology.

Future Expandability

Integrate EAIGLE’s operational solution to an existing security system for an enhanced technological solution. 


People Counting & Capacity Management

Choose the right plan to suit your operational needs

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Contactless Visitor Management & Wellness Screening

Streamline the screening process for your employees and visitors using our automated wellness check and self-assessment process.

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Crowd Thermal Screening

Minimize the risk of an outbreak using our privacy-compliant crowd thermal screening solution to detect occupants with elevated body temperatures.


Find the right solution for your organization

Our trusted solutions can fit the needs of any facility. Whether it's to screen for a viral infection or people counting, our technology can be integrated into your existing systems.

See how EAIGLE can help you build a safer, more efficient, and innovative facility