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Eaigle strives to leverage innovative technology to provide customers with automated and cost-effective solutions that are reliable, easy to implement, and scalable.


As a result, we are dedicated to providing the appropriate tools to our valued partners in order for them to grow their businesses and set themselves apart from the competition.

Our Global Partners
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DataRealm offers control engineering, automation information systems, and software development solutions that help clients achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

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ActOn has teamed up with EAIGLE to implement crowd monitoring and automated screening solutions across Europe to create a safer work environments.

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Contactless Visitor Management & Wellness Screening

Streamline the screening process for your employees and visitors using our automated wellness check and self-assessment process.


People Counting and Capacity Management

Understand how people use the space in your facility and get the most meaningful data for better space planning.

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Crowd Thermal Screening

Minimize the risk of an outbreak using our privacy-compliant crowd thermal screening solution to detect occupants with elevated body temperatures.